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The House of Ra is a 501(c)(3) organization and was founded in 1989 by Leonard (a/k/a Bhagwan Ra Afrika) and Steve (a/k/a Bilal Huzur Ra Afrika) Ingram. Over time, the group has come to be  commonly referred to as "The House" and has since evolved into the dynamic spiritual haven it is today for the Afrikan-American community and all spiritual seekers...regardless of race or ethnicity.

The House of Ra offers a wide variety of workshops and seminars geared toward psychological and emotional well-being, and spiritual development free-of-charge to the general public as well as local workshops on anger management. Through it's publishing arm, Royal House Publishing Company, the House of Ra also publishes numerous books, pamphlets and other multi-media products focusing on topics related to wellness and personal development (see the 'Books' link for complete list of products).

The House of Ra advocates living a clean and moral lifestyle, earning an honest livelihood, abstinence from drugs and alcohol, a vegetarian diet (free of meat, fish, eggs, poultry and products containing ingredients thereof) as the foundation for maximizing spiritual growth and development.

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