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About the House of Ra


Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the House of Ra Afrika Spiritual Centre.

What is the “House of Ra”?
The House of Ra Afrika Spiritual Centre (commonly known as 'The House of Ra') is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1989 by Leonard Ingram, Ph.D. (a/k/a Bhagwan Ra Afrika) and Steve Ingram (a/k/a Bilal Huzur Ra Afrika). The House of Ra advocates clean and moral living, earning an honest livelihood, being a good citizen and adhering to a vegan/vegetarian diet (free of meat, fish, eggs, poultry and products containing ingredients thereof). In addition, all members are also asked to abstain from alcohol and mind-altering drugs.

Over time, The House of Ra has evolved into the dynamic spiritual haven it is today for the Afrikan-American community, as well as the community of spiritual seekers in general, regardless of race or ethnicity. A variety of services are provided to the community, including free anger manage­ment workshops. Other workshops and seminars geared toward psychological and spiritual development are offered, free of charge or at a nominal fee to the participants.

What is its purpose?
The primary goal of the House of Ra is to motivate seekers to discover their own true nature and what it really means to attain Self- and God-realization, i.e., to ‘know thyself’. The intent is to offset dogma and ritual practices erroneously associated with genuine spiritual traditions, especially within the Afrikan-American community, and to thereby reacquaint seekers with their Divine nature.

Is the “House of Ra” a religion?
No. The House of Ra is based strictly on spiritual development, regardless of one’s religious persua-sion. Though it does not advocate any particular religion, various religions are often discussed for the sake of clarity and to provide background information for seekers. By following the precepts outlined by Bhagwan Ra Afrika, one will in fact, become a better Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. However, unlike religions, the House of Ra emphasizes the necessity for a living teacher.

What are the criteria for initiation?
While all are welcome to attend meetings and receive the teachings, to become a member of the House of Ra one must abide by certain guidelines or rules. There is also at least a six-month waiting period before initiation to allow the seeker to make an in-depth assessment of the teachings, as well as the teacher, in order to ascertain whether it is the correct path for him or her. The principles are: moral or righteous living; abstinence from drugs or alcohol; the practice of ahimsa, nonviolence toward all sentient beings in thought, speech and action (which includes vegetarianism).  Daily meditation, for a specific length of time, is also required and is explained at the time of application for initiation.

What is the cost of joining?
There is no charge to become a member of the House of Ra. Everyone is welcome.

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