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Bhagwan Ra Afrika (Leonard Ingram) has been hailed by many as one of the brightest lights of the modern spiritual world and is considered to be one of  the greatest living Afrikan Mystics and Masters.


Initiated  in 1970  by  Huzur Maharaj Charan Singh  into the Radha Soami tradition, Bhagwan Ra Afrika began his  formal teaching of  the  "Path"  in 1989.  Deeply con- cerned about the complete absence of a 'True' spiritual tradition (parampara) in the Afrikan-American community,  Bhagwan  founded The House of Ra.  Since that  time,    the fire of his passion has sparked a spiritual  revolution in  the hearts and minds of    many  people  in  the Afrikan-American  community, as  well  as  the  community of spiritual seekers in general, regardless of race or ethnicity.


Widely acclaimed for his innovative and critical synthesis of mystical traditions—

classical East (Hindu, Jain, Sufi, and Buddhist), West and Afrikan psychological

and spiritual models, he is also known for his fierce and Zen-like style.


Bhagwan is outspoken and more critical than most teachers of the superstitious belief systems that are almost always wrongly associated with genuine spiritual traditions, especially within the Afrikan-American community. This, coupled with his unwillingness to compromise in matters of the heart and intellect, has resulted in an original expression of a complete teaching that embraces both practical and spiritual life in a way that calls any who would 'hear' his teachings to seriously 'consider' the true meaning of their life and the true purpose of their existence.


Those who have 'heard' and been touched by Bhagwan's teachings have found themselves immersed in a profound recognition of their own 'True' nature and propelled into a thrilling discovery of what it really means to reach Self- and God-realization and to finally discover... "Who Am I?"


Although widely recognized as a spiritual teacher and scholar of world religions, Dr. Ingram is also a practicing psychotherapist whose work encompasses a wide spectrum of therapies, with a focus in anger management, violence intervention and transpersonal psychology. Dr. Ingram's background, style and experiences are uniquely integrated and have provided an enriched service benefitting clients in his private practice as an individual and group counselor and lecturer. He has been doing this work for more than thirty years, while contemporaneously teaching the science of meditation.


In addition to his private practice, Dr. Ingram is also an independent consultant for the Chicago Board of Education and the City Colleges of Chicago.  He has conducted hundreds of training workshops for teachers, parents, students, guidance counselors, school psychologists, principals and other education professionals—both locally and nationally.


As an author, Dr. Ingram is frequently hosted on local television and radio programs in the Chicago-land area, and has interviewed for journalists and magazine editors as a contributor to featured articles on anger and violence (Vogue, Redbook, People, Confidante, etc.). Lecturer and counselor invitations have included a featured appearance in the PBS documentary The Children Are Watching.


Dr. Ingram is the Founder and Spiritual Director of The House of Ra Spiritual Centre, CEO of the Chicago Anger Institute and is the Senior Project Consultant of the Karnak Wellness Institute. He is currently working on the development of a comprehensive and unified mental health treatment model encompassing Western, Eastern and African approaches toward mental health care.

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