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The outcome of two brothers' love for each other and God, years of work, love and devotion has produced The House of Ra Afrika Spiritual Centre, which was established as a 501(c)(3) organization in 1989.


Leonard and Steve Ingram (also known as Bhagwan Ra Afrika and Bilal Huzur Ra Afrika, respectively) initially wanted to provide a place for spiritual seekers to gather. In response to human needs, the brothers' dedication evolved into a collective work for the community.  Mostly located within Afrikan-American neighborhoods, the brothers' commitment provided a variety of services to the community-at-large, and over time the group became simply and commonly called the House of Ra.


The community work was an outpour of compassion and is offered as a means to provide help in attaining the emotional and psychological maturity, so vital for spiritual growth and development.  As a result, anger management workshops and other seminars are continually held throughout the city of Chicago and surrounding suburban areas. The workshops and seminars are self-less service (seva) geared toward psychological and spiritual development and is free-of-charge, or presented to groups at a nominal fee to the participants.


The House of Ra advocates of a clean and moral lifestyle, earning an honest livelihood, being a good citizen and adhering to a vegan/vegetarian diet is emphasized (free of meat, fish, eggs, poultry and products containing ingredients thereof). In addition, all members are also asked to abstain from alcohol and mind-altering drugs.


The House of Ra does not advocate any particular religion, although various religions are often discussed for the sake of clarity and to provide background information to seekers. The mission of the 'House' is based strictly on spiritual development, regardless of one's religious persuasion. The intent here is to offset dogma and ritual practices erroneously associated with genuine spiritual traditions, especially within the Afrikan-American community, and to thereby reacquaint seekers with their Divine nature.


Over time, The House of Ra has evolved into the dynamic spiritual haven it is today for the Afrikan-American community, as well as the community of spiritual seekers in general, regardless of race or ethnicity. By following the precepts outlined by Bhagwan Ra Afrika, one will in fact, become a better Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.  Unlike religions, the House of Ra emphasizes the necessity for a living Master or teacher, whereby seekers are motivated and guided to rediscover their own 'True' nature and what it really means to attain Self  and God-realization, (i.e., to "Know Thyself"), regardless of one's religious persuasion.


All are welcome to attend meetings and receive the teachings (Satsang), and there is no charge to become a member. There is a waiting period of at least six-months before initiation. This allows the seeker to make an in-depth assessment of the teachings, as well as the teacher, in order to ascertain whether this is the right path for him or her. This period of time is also used for the applicant to determine whether they are truly interested and can abide by certain guidelines and principles such as:


  • a moral or righteous lifestyle;
  • abstinence from drugs or alcohol;
  • practice ahimsa or nonviolence toward all sentient beings in thought, speech and actions (which includes also vegetarianism), and
  • can incorporate the prescribed daily meditation into their life and living.

All concerns and guidelines are explained at the time of application for initiation membership.


No organization or 'House' can run without self-less service (seva), and Bilal Huzur Ra Afrika is an example of service par excellence!  Himself an initiate of Huzur Maharaj Charan Singh, Bilal is the House of Ra's 'Chief' sevadar.  His many contributions include recording and preserving the words of the present, incarnate Dharma Giver over the many, many years of this committed relationship.  The discourses, pamphlets, videos presented herein are through Bilal's unfaltering effort and grace from Guru and God. May peace and blessings always be upon the perserver and keeper of this Dharma. All hail to the 'Chief!'



Bhagwan Ra Afrika, is the Spiritual Director of The House of Ra.  More information about him is located on the 'About the Founder' page.

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