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The Endurance of Dukkha (Suffering) PDF Print E-mail

To follow the Path, we must be psychologically and emotionally healthy. The intent of this column is to present information that may be of use in the daily tasks of life and living. Spirituality is not therapy yet healing ourselves through the contact with a higher power, which is in all of us, is truly “getting straight!”  Material appearing here may be from a workshop, satsang or other event.

The Endurance of Dukkha (Suffering):
Emptying The Mind To Do Meditation

When we talk about spirituality, we must first talk about a kind of special awakening that occurs within the life of a human being. I call it ‘the Conversion’. It is that experience which turns one toward something higher. We can call it God, Allah, Jehovah, the Higher Self or Truth but these are simply names pointing to the recognition that there is the existence of, and more importantly the need of, one coming in contact with a higher power. Funda­mentally, the awakening that I am calling the birth (or the opening up of one’s spiritual faculty) occurs when one realizes that one is powerless.



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Perfection of Sadhana PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 25 April 2010 14:54

The Perfection of Sadhana

Though you have found the Path, what are you still seeking?

One of the things that characterize the spiritual journey is something ends when one finds the Guru. You go in search of a Guru, so what is the search that continues even after you have met the Guru? That is a kind of struggle. The search usually ends, or one type of search ends and a new search begins, if you even want to call that which happens after meeting one’s Guru a search at all.

So, how has your search been impacted upon encountering your Guru? Are you still searching after contacting the Guru for the same thing you were searching for prior to finding the Guru? Examine all of that. Are you still a “seeker” or have you become a “finder”? What is the distinction? Having found the Guru, what have you not yet found? What were you looking to find in searching for a Guru in the first place?

You have to begin a great consideration based on your own history. It has been my observation that when you look at your past history of seeking—at all of the patterns of your seeking and the things you were seeking; when you make an inventory of all the things you have wanted in your life, and all the things you have actually acquired—you will notice that you have never experienced getting that which you wanted. Let me see how I can best put this, because this is kind of intuitive. Even when you have gotten what you wanted, you never got what you wanted it for.

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Taking Advantage of the Precious Human Life PDF Print E-mail

Taking Advantage Of The Precious Human Life

(The Only Opportunity To End Suffering)1

The Gods yearn for a human incarnation

for the Lord is realized in this body alone.


Ra Shekum. My goodness! What are you people doing out in weather like this? Happy New Year everybody; glad to see that a few of us were brave enough to challenge the inclemency of the weather and still find a way to get together, and remind one another about the 'real' purpose and meaning of human life and living.

The Precious Human Lifetime Advantages

How many of you rascals made some resolutions? Confess it! I hope one of your resolutions this year was that you will bring your suffering to an end, while you are still able to enjoy the advantage of your precious human lifetime.

It is not usual for us to really appreciate the rarity and miraculous nature of this 'precious' human lifetime that you have this time around. Much like the physicists have demonstrated, consciousness, fundamentally being energy, is indestructible. Therefore, it simply takes different forms. The life force occupying the physical body is the same life force that occupies the body of a squirrel; the body of a gnat; the body of an ant and the body of a plant. The life force is the same, but what makes a difference is the form. That's why the human form has been extolled by all mystics, saints and seers as being the most precious form of life force in the galaxy!


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Give Up Thy Fear! PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 11 April 2010 09:12

The following is a compilation of private and public talks given by the Bodhisattva Incarnate, Bhagwan Ra Afrika, in 2005. The quoted material is from satsangs (spiritual talks) at the House of Ra 2005 annual retreat.

May this sutra on the means to overcome fear help us all attain the heart of Perfect Understanding and liberation from our suffering.

Give Up Thy Fear!

Ultimately, the way to overcome fear is to become fearless, and how does one become fearless? Self-realization generates this fearlessness because we know the Truth, and the Truth sets us free. I mean experiential Truth—Truth that is experienced firsthand¾not a mere belief in the Truth. Then we are set free.

Q. Guru Sahib, please discuss the necessity for dealing with our fears and false beliefs, how to overcome all of that in order to live the spiritual way of life.


ertainly, one of the first things one must consider is how to overcome one’s fears. That is necessary for any experience of freedom, worldly or spiritually, but it is especially the case regarding the spiritual path. The spiritual path requires that we become absolutely fearless. The purpose of the spiritual path is to grant us such freedom from our fears. Moksha is liberation from our fears.

Fear is the psychological and emotional basis of all of our suffering.  Our fears constrict and limit us, and those fears must be overcome.  Maharaj Ji  (and all saints) said that the spiritual path is not a path for cowards. It is not a path for those who are afraid to confront their fears. At some level, the fear of fear is the same as the fear of Truth. Truth is the key to liberation from our fears. However, we must first acknowledge that we have all kinds of fears. The fears we are governed by are deeply rooted in our (largely) unexamined belief systems: our assumptions, conditioning, etc. These fears are rooted in our “wrong views,” which we have inherited, and they must be inspected to the point that we become liberated from them.

Fear is an experience one has in the absence of knowing the truth. Thus, fear is a state of ignorance, and the Path is about the destruction of ignorance. You must confront your ignorance! This is difficult for all of us when we come to a spiritual path, because in many cases we are in complete denial about our state of ignorance. Confronting our ignorance very often causes us to undermine our image of ourselves. Therefore, you must become humble enough to deal with your ignorance. If you are afraid to become humble, you remain trapped. Yet you must give up your fears.


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Vegetarian Diet and Philosophy PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 06 April 2010 07:33

The Vegetarian Diet and Philosophy


he principles of spirituality have remained the same throughout the ages. Modern science is only now coming to the conclusions the Afrikan mystics have realized from time immemorial. In the realm of nutrition, too, modern research is confirming the supremacy of the diet followed by those leading a spiritual life: the vegetarian diet. A strict vegetarian diet is essential for those who wish to follow the path leading to Self-knowledge and God-realization.

If we examine various Afrikan and mystical traditions, we find that they recommend or require vegetarianism. Such a diet is associated with the earliest religious traditions. Thus, Pythagoras and his followers were strict vegetarians. The Greek sage taught:

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Fear of Love PDF Print E-mail

Love means submission.
Love means losing your identity
to become another being.

—Maharaj Charan Singh Ji


a Shekum. I thought I would have Luther Vandross remind you that you should never give up on love. So many of you have found your way to the Path because you had tried love once before and it broke your heart, and you thought that to be safe you would never allow yourself to be that vulnerable, that open to being hurt again. You became closed-hearted individuals, afraid to love, but if you can somehow simply stay in the room, my hope is that I will teach you how to love again. It will be much better this time, because love rooted in Dharma, and a profound practice of that Dharma, is always sweeter than the first time. With that said, the floor is open to discuss whatever is on your hearts. It is always more profitable to discuss what is on our hearts, because the heart rules. Whenever there is a conflict between the head and the heart, the heart will always win. You can postpone it, yes, at your own spirit­ual and psychological disadvantage, but in the end, the heart will have its way. So, today, let us discuss what’s on your hearts.

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